What Is Window Dressing? Approaches, Methods, and Purpose

window dressing

Opt for a simple geometric print with a Moroccan vibe to echo the design of an ornately shaped pelmet, but keep colours fresh and neutral for a modern look. A standard heading tape left ungathered on both curtains creates a soft, informal effect. Keep the sheers sill-length for a neat finish and go for floor-length curtains to create real impact in a bay. Build a bench seat into a window recess so you can make the most of a glorious view outdoors. Keep the window treatment neat and tailored by opting for an unfussy pleated blind that can be pulled up out of the way without obscuring too much of the glass. ‘If it’s an airy, bright feel that you want in the room, it has to be 100% linen.

These highly flexible blinds are ideal for covering large windows, particularly if they are floor length. One of the drawbacks of using blinds instead of curtains, is that they don’t insulate the room as effectively. However, thermal blinds have been designed to give you the best of both worlds.

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Cellular Shades

Follow measuring instructions carefully for the specific blinds or curtains you wish to order and the situation you want to fit it into, such as a bay window or patio door or standard rectangular window. Use a metal measuring tape as fabric tapes can stretch or give inaccurate measurements. ‘I always think of window dressing as the final finishing touch to your room. The color is important, but for me the fabric and drape is at the top of my curtain list to get right. My first rule of curtains is that they should be long to the floor and in the case of 100% linen curtains, even longer.

That’s partially thanks to the consistent color scheme and Roman shades treatments, which are installed on the windows and interior door windows. In this fun and colorful living room designed by Atelier ND for Carice van Houten, the maroon color gives the blinds an intentional air, as they speak to the midcentury furnishings and colors. If you love a dash of kitsch, you should definitely give this take on the popular window treatment a whirl. Choose light filtering or sheer curtains that allow light in while offering privacy.

Choose practical blinds for a kitchen

Opting for decorative fabrics over curtains and upholstery is a brilliant way to inject colour, pattern and personality into a bedroom. Covering the headboard and bed frame in the same design as the curtains will not only make a beautiful statement, it will also help create a cohesive, unified look. However, if you’ve considering doing this, then the key is to introduce additional, subtler fabrics throughout the room to soften the strong print advise the experts.

These can be tilted to let more or less light in and for extra privacy, plus, they are easy to wipe clean. For conservatories, vertical blinds are a practical solution, but can look a little dated and roller blinds are often chosen in favour for a contemporary look. We asked Emily Mould, Design Director at Romo and Black Edition for her advice on using patterns. You can bring a decorative aspect to windows by choosing fabrics that reflect and echo your soft furnishings – on your window seat ideas and beyond. A pretty Roman blind is a sure winner when it comes to window treatment ideas. Window blind ideas will add softness and character to a contemporary bathroom space.

window dressing

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These shutters don’t have slats, so they block out more light than the other styles. Their long, elegant lines make them perfectly suited to Victorian and Georgian houses, but they give a sense of vintage glamour to modern houses too. Experienced installers can find solutions for unusually shaped windows too, so they’re a great option for windows you’re struggling to cover. They’ll make the shutters to your measurements and deliver them to your door – but the rest is up to you. DIY shutters can be up to 40 per cent cheaper but you need to be extra careful to take accurate measurements for a perfect fit. Then, use your window dressings to bring in complementary colours and patterns.

Fake the look of stained glass with window film

Remember that windows come in a variety of shapes and anything but standard sizes, making buying off-the-rack shades and shutters challenging and custom curtains, drapes, and blinds relatively expensive. And if you have the desire and the budget, choose motorized smart blinds that can open and close at the touch of a button. The downside to window dressing is that, on the whole, it’s looked at with skepticism. Café style shutters, from £272, California Shutters are a good option, giving privacy, plus letting natural light in too.

Harry Cole, Founder of Loom & Last adds ‘If the fabric or pattern is a key part of your design scheme, Roman blinds are the best option. While these curtains decrease thermal exchange at your windows, blackout cellular blinds take keeping your home or apartment cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter to another level. And since they’re available bookkeeping & accounting for lawyers in a wide variety of colors and styles, these blackout curtains are ready to light up a room while ensuring you can get some shuteye at any time of day. Close blackout drapes when you want privacy or just want to cut out glare completely. When using a double curtain rod, open thick drapes to let the sun gently filter through lighter curtains.

This exaggerates any increases, giving the impression of significant improvement that, as a matter of fact, doesn’t match reality.

We recommend following the measuring instructions carefully for the specific blind you want to order and the situation you want to fit it into (such as a bay window, patio door or standard rectangular window). If you love the effect of shutters, but can’t stretch the budget far enough, chic Venetian blinds are the perfect option for you. Modern Venetian blinds are made from thick slats that don’t bend or buckle like the old-fashioned kind.

Rattan Blinds

Both these shades can be seen in the curtain fabric and they create a cohesive feel. The requirements of window treatment ideas will vary room to room, but they are all designed to provide levels of privacy, shade, soundproofing and warmth. Whereas a bedroom benefits from black-out blinds, a kitchen is a place to welcome in the natural morning light, for more inspiration, see our kitchen window ideas. Finish your windows with cafe curtains, bringing style and pattern to your home without losing indispensable natural light. Cellular shades are another popular option that is trending towards a more modern look in 2022. They are made up of small, hexagonal cells that trap air and provide extra insulation for your windows.

window dressing

In this living room by Romanek Design Studio, the classic white shutters complement the monochromatic color scheme and timeless yet contemporary style of the sofa and coffee table. ‘There are a range of practical and aesthetic considerations when choosing curtain fabric,’ says Emily Mould, Design Director Romo and Black Edition. ‘Consider whether you want to make a statement with a strong color, pattern or contrasting texture or whether you want a subtler look with a plain, textural neutral or muted pastel shade. There are then further variations between these looks, which all give slightly different appearances. ‘If the space is clear then it comes down to personal preference, but most people prefer to fit their blinds inside the recess and curtains are fitted outside the recess,’ she says.

All Window Treatments Ideas

For a luxe feel in a bedroom, try a real or faux silk or for a traditional look, opt for a crisp linen in stone or cream. Skylight windows are a brilliant way of opening up and allowing more light into a loft space. But to ensure a good night’s sleep and to make sure that roof spaces don’t get excessively hot, some kind of window covering is essential. Short curtains only really work in cute country cottages – go floor-length wherever possible. Designed by tropical decor maven Amanda Lindroth, this window is treated with shutters and an orange striped awning matching the bench beneath it. Though most hurricane shutters are just for looks these days, make sure yours at least look functional by taking proper measurements so that they look like they can close over the window evenly.

  • Hang a second pair of touching-length curtains behind the puddling curtains.
  • But then, it might not because the fund’s valuation methodology might allow it to change holdings.
  • A glossy white finish helps to reflect light into the room when the slats are set at an angle.
  • The Portrait™ Honeycomb line offers 100’s of fabric and energy saving cell sizes to choose from.
  • This style of window dressing works best with lightweight or sheer fabrics.

Light control to reduce glare on screens and protect upholstery from fading may be vitally important, depending on the room’s orientation. Street-facing rooms, meanwhile, need a treatment that brings privacy without making them gloomy, and here specially designed blinds, shutters and window film can come to your aid. If you want a relaxed, informal look in your living room, choosing curtain and roman or roller blind fabrics that complement each other but don’t match is the way to go. A shutter and curtain combination is an ideal way to draw attention to the lovely lines of a bay window.

How to Install Window Blinds

Fund managers might replace non-performing stocks near the end of a reporting period to make it seem as if a fund is performing better than it is. Treat your windows to something pretty and update the look of your space with some fresh, new curtains. The Portrait™ Honeycomb line offers 100’s of fabric and energy saving cell sizes to choose from.

This idea works especially well in bathrooms where the only window is located in the shower area, which rules out most fabric curtains and shades. Here, natural light flows from the frosted-glass window inside the shower, adding brightness to the space without sacrificing privacy. A window treatment is a fancy term for anything you use to dress your naked windows. Everything from roller shades to shutters to blinds to black-out curtains or drapes, or any combination of the above, can be called a window treatment (or window dressing, to use another term). Saying yes to privacy and no to sun glare starts with your window treatments. Whether that’s blackout blinds or sheer curtains, a corner fixture or a simple panel, you can find them all in lots of colors and styles.

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