We’ve been together for almost 2 years and I even moved to her school to keep the relationship alive

We’ve been together for almost 2 years and I even moved to her school to keep the relationship alive

Whatever you do, avoid begging or it’ll only damage all chances you have of getting him back. Keep calm and be patient. If you’ve made significant changes since the breakup, it’ll be a matter of time that he takes notice but you shouldn’t do anything that might jeopardize that chance and push him away.

I’m 22years old this year, me and my ex had been together for 1and half year,after I went to college I found a guy whom I started seeing.. at first it felt right but my ex found out and I denied in the first place but he found vivid evidence and broke up with me.. it’s almost a year now and I haven’t talked to him but I’m tormented I want him back and I don’t know how to start.

You could use this article for more information on reaching out to an ex again after a long time. I would advise you to take things slow and be patient, especially if he responds negatively at the start.

i kissed a boy multiple of times and my boyfriend found out, we broke up today and i dont know what to do. i love him, he’s someone i trust and i hurt him. i agreed to give him space but this is hurting me too.

Unfortunately, it’s a consequence you’ll have to live with because of your actions. Give him some space to cool off before trying to make it up to him and see if he’s willing to give things a second chance.

After being caught the first time I had already stopped every and all forms of sexual contact with anyone but her

About a week ago me and my girlfriend got into a fight. Our argument started over a simple phone where I just wanted it put away while we were eating. She then began to act really concern about the phone because it was also unlocked when I put it in my pocket to just have a meal. Things went left such as yelling and mean comments and then took my watch and saw I was talking to their girls and possibly cheated. In my room she stated that she never wanted to see me again I’m a cheating bastard(it was not the first time) and that I’m free to do whatever I please. I didn’t want that. My emotions and anger got the best of me and I ended up scaring her really bad to where now I’ve been kicked out of school, arrested, charged with misdemeanors and have a no contact order. I don’t know what to do or how to feel. I don’t know if we have a chance or not. If she will move on or not. I honestly genuinely love her and feel sorry for everything that has happened but I do need a little advice. We have communication problems and trust problems on both sides. But is it wrong after all I’ve been through in one week I still see myself marrying this girl?

But we both love each other more than anything

I think you need to give both parties more distance for now, firstly for yourself to think things through and secondly, because it has come to such an extent that she’s probably scared of you right now and possibly feeling traumatized. Give it time to cool off and work towards calming yourself down emotionally by applying NC for a month before you consider reaching out again.

Hello, I have this girlfriend I cheated on emotionally telling others my problems instead of her never going to her for any help when I was dealing with things as she often did to me. But I had a bad habit of going online and sexting women that I had gotten over. I talked to some of the people as friends and she went through all the messages and found a bunch of drunken texts I made no effort to hide. She was devasted. I had even forgotten but the more and more it was shoved down my throat the more I remembered. I’m already not that person anymore but she doesn’t believe me. We got back together and she found another one from way back after reinstalling an app I had used. I thought I got indier fru rid of it all. I can’t keep telling her I’ve changed when this is so fresh in her head. 7months with this girl. Had I come clean about the number there wouldn’t be a chance in hell I believe.. but I stopped because I realized I love her why would I be doing this when she’s the only one? Out of habit? Because I like the anonymous dirty talk I didn’t think I could engage in with her? I admit I did like it. But I stopped. I knew if she had found out it’d be really hard to come back from. I was a pig. I was a monster. I don’t deserve her. Even though she says she doesn’t anymore I know it’s not true by the pain in her voice. What can I do? What can I say to win back the only girl I’ve ever felt close to?

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