Top Hinge Conversation Starters That Work In 2024

Top Hinge Conversation Starters That Work In 2024

Being on the Hinge dating app allows you to meet impressive individuals if you’re not a big outdoors person or have a busy schedule. Your first message should include conversation starters and nothing more upon connecting with these people.

However, Hinge Conversation Starters are numerous as they can vary from a simple “Hey,” “HI,” “Hello,” and “How are you?” to more sophisticated sentences that evoke a positive reaction from the recipient.

To ensure you succeed on this remarkable dating app, we’ve tasked compiling the best Hinge Conversation Starters to learn how to start a conversation. With these lines in your arsenal, you’re bound to get a date in no time.

Don’t trust yourself to know what to say? You can talk things out with a Hinge expert, who can tell you what will work best for you. ROAST is where you’ll find a bunch of professionals who know Hinge inside and out, and they’ll get your game up. They’ve studied profiles and found out what the algorithm likes and what it doesn’t like. Starting getting more matches on Hinge with ROAST.

Effective Hinge Conversation Starters to Try

Below are our recommended Hinge Conversation Starters in 2024. Most can be used on any popular dating app/dating sites. Making a good impression is super important starting a conversation

1. “You love [Insert observation]? That’s impressive. I’m an [insert related personal activity] too!”

Observing the recipient’s Hinge profile pictures and Hinge profile is an excellent way to find worthwhile topics and start talking. You can complement her dog, activity, adventurous nature, and more. People love talking about themselves, making this option an effective conversation starter.

2. “What do you do on Sunday? Laundry, movies, or aggressive napping?”

Question Hinge Conversation Starters are sure-fire ways to begin a conversation on Hinge. As long as they’re easy to answer, you’ll come across as entertaining, creative, and spontaneous. Ensure to keep the questions simple; you’re trying to get a first date, not acceptance into Harvard!

3. “Two Truths and a lie: I swim with sharks, got shot in Russia, 7 out of 8 high-school crushes turn gay.”

Two Truths and a lie is a popular game where you make three claims, two being true and one being false. The following person has to guess which statement is false, winning that round. There’s no jatka tГ¤tГ¤ linkkiГ¤ täällГ¤ nyt prize except the opportunity to start a conversation with a desirable stranger. Ensure at least one sentence is weird or embarrassing because it compels a positive reaction.

In order to do something pretty cool. Find a subtle way of suggesting obvious false ones, to keep mystery on the right ones.

4. “I know we just met, but I have to admit, you have excellent taste in [include your gender] ??.”

Most people on the Hinge dating app prefer to play safe and avoid actions that seem to tease, cocky, or too direct. Don’t make this mistake. You can begin the conversation by complimenting them on yourself. It’s positively shocking, funny, witty, and clever.

However, if you struggle with passing conversations forward, use a different opener because the efficacy of this recommended sentence depends on your wittiness. Check out these funny conversation openers!

The hilarity of your message is partly dependent on how your profile looks. You’ll need a neutral opinion on whether the combination is right. ROAST has pros to consult on the flavor and quality of your profile, and they’ll be the first to tell you if the vibe you’re going for isn’t working. What’s better, they’ll tell you how to make it better! Up your Hinge game with ROAST today.

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