It might have outdated information and vocabulary that do not echo TOTA’s feedback and you may values

It might have outdated information and vocabulary that do not echo TOTA’s feedback and you may values

Note: This post could have been excerpted out-of a larger work in the new societal website name and you will common here simply because of its historic really worth.

Very early ong the fresh Turks. The fresh new patriarchal culture offer a different sort of household into more youthful partners too many. There is certainly a propensity, but not, to boost age. Formerly to try to get towards bridegroom and you will fifteen towards the bride are typical. Matrimony are held into the highest honor. All the Turkish girl possess a husband in view. Definitely, when the she’s pretty, the odds is greater and her choices larger, however it may be mentioned that “old maids” try unfamiliar.

A guy who does not ple by marrying ten widows and you can you to definitely housemaid. It’s related regarding him which he believed to a guy who was simply solitary which he are a sibling of demon.

The fresh koolavooz is an important cause for matrimonial preparations. It’s her business knowing all about brand new marriageable girls inside the a particular system. If a mother possess an effective son who she believes must ong their unique family, but if instead satisfactory result she’s recourse into koolavooz.

There is a new name for them whenever on this subject quest. They are entitled geuridjis (“viewers”). Work are beloved to your hearts of women that undertake it, while the announcement out of a call out-of geuridjis naturally places the fresh new harem inside a great flutter. New koolavooz accompanies them, and are received with all awards. The 2 parents is actually ceremoniously sincere, in addition to big date are enacted from inside the investing compliments before the damsel seems.

Then the geuridjis hie themselves maybe to some other harem

It is usually the brand new earliest daughter, in the event the there are other than just one to, towards Turks, in keeping for the Greeks, try sticklers to possess relationship in order out of seniority. Naturally the young lady has made a cautious toilette, and has now leftover nothing undone so you’re able to search her best. She kisses the hands of your own folk, now offers them coffees, and delays up to this has been consumed, becoming careful in preserving a small and you will fascinating demeanour in scrutiny of geuridjis.

Upcoming she disappears, while the geuridjis, any kind of is generally its personal viewpoint, compliment their particular mom for the hands of such a treasure, and are usually just as laudatory in function forth the advantages regarding the fresh new suitor. Such certified eulogiums try removed for just what he’s worth. It will be a breach of good ways to exclude them. However younger people’s mother establishes in her head that match might possibly be a suitable you to definitely, she says in addition the degree of the fresh nekyah, requires the new girl’s age, and the level of their own luck, in the event the she’s one. This is certainly an indicator that the go to may have an end result, and extra particulars was discussed. In one situation customized requires one to on the departure shared wants would be indicated, one, in case it is the will regarding Allah, the young anyone may come to each other.

Whenever most of the visits had been paid this new geuridjis contrast notes and you can equilibrium opinions. Mom, that is, needless to say, the primary geuridji, forms their own view with this, while she reaches domestic spread their facts so you can their unique husband along with her young buck. In the event the a final choices is established, preliminaries are created, maybe not from the family worried, but because of the intermediaries.

Next she and her close loved ones look at the harems where around is a viable bride to be

The students lady are afforded a chance from watching her suitor, outside however, possibly during the time of a force. He usually do not come across their shared, however, care and attention is often pulled he shall keeps a notion from just what she is like. This won’t appear to be usually the situation, although not. I’ve been aware of a bridegroom, the latest young buck off a leading certified within Constantinople, who was more mortified to check out from the their marriage one their bride is actually a great brunette, their liking inclining so you can blond.

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