Best Ashley Madison Alternatives: How Does AM Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Best Ashley Madison Alternatives: How Does AM Compare to Other Dating Sites?

Some features really set Ashley Madison apart from the rest of dating sites on the market. Here are some options that you have once you’ve made your Ashley Madison account:

Private photo albums

Your profile photo can be blurred, but you can also have a private photo album. You can share it with those who share their private photos with you first or with specific members that you choose.

Private photos help you stay anonymous, but you can also make your photos public. If you want your affair to stay a secret though, it’s better to only have private photos and a blurred profile photo.

App Disguise

Another interesting privacy feature is the app disguise. This means that you can change the icon of the Ashley Madison mobile app to look like a simple game or fitness icon.

Other privacy features

Ashley Madison works because it helps you keep your secret. So, it provides more privacy features such as “Hide my account” which makes your account disappear from searches without losing your information.

This site also advises you to always use the Incognito feature during online dating. In addition, you can learn a lot about cheating, and getting away with it, on the site’s useful blog.

Discreet billing

You won’t see the name Ashley Madison on any of your bills when paying for this site’s services. Your bill will say that it is from “AMDA” followed by a series of numbers.

Priority Man

This feature will only cost you $99 cents per day, and it will give you more matches. All the Ashley Madison reviews claim that using Priority Man will get you noticed by more women, and you are likely to get more messages.

Priority Mail

Similarly to the Priority Man, there is a Priority Mail feature. This means that your message will show up first in the user’s inbox.

If you want to be at the top when you send messages to Ashley Madison users, use this feature, and it will increase your chances of getting responses.

Filter options

Obviously, you can filter users based on age and location. However, you can also filter them based on what they’re looking for, their relationship status, body type, height, weight, or ethnicity.

The “Viewed Me” section

You will also get to see who recently visited your profile thanks to the “Viewed Me” section, which is easily accessible from your profile. This will give you an opportunity to initiate a conversation with users that already might be interested in connecting with you.

Video chat

Naturally, this site offers a video chat feature, and if you’re a man you will be charged based on time spent video chatting. If you’re a woman, you can use the video chat for free like all the features on this popular affair site.

Message Plus

Let’s not forget that once you purchase a membership plan you also activate Message Plus. This means that you will be able to use messages for free for 30 days.

You don’t need to spend your credits during this time, and they will wait for you after the 30 days have passed. Of course, this only applies if you’re a man because you can always use messages for free if you’re a woman.

If Ashley Madison reviews didn’t convince you to try this infamous affair site, there are dating sites that you could try instead.

These dating sites don’t beat Ashley Madison when it comes to affairs, but they are popular hookup sites that people sometimes use for affairs too.

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