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Life, Death, and Grief in the Digital Age: What Do You Think?

by Steven M. Gorelick

At the risk of going off CHMP-topic, I wanted to call your attention to a very provocative, short blog post by the journalist James Sneddon.

I say “off-topic” because it deals, not with health, but with the end of health.  How he asks, is the social experience of death and grieving being transformed in the digital age?  I wrote about one aspect of this issue a while back, but Sneddon raises a different question from a painfully personal perspective.

What is the emotional impact on survivors of the flood of online memorials and tribute pages that now appear so soon after death?

Because death is the constant companion of many of you who are healthcare professionals, I am more than a little curious about how you feel about Sneddon’s point.

I’m torn.  Read it and let me know what you think.

Welcome Steve Gorelick, Ph.D. Senior Fellow at CHMP

CHMP welcomes Steven M. Gorelick, Ph.D., Professor of Media Studies in the Department of Film and Media Studies at Hunter College, as a Senior Fellow.  His current research topics include: representation of disease and disaster in media and culture; the social construction of expertise in mass media; how media experts are identified, represented, and depicted in accounts of catastrophic events; crisis and digital communication during catastrophic incidents.

We look forward to working with Steve.  He blogs regularly on his site, Media, Culture and Health (MCH): Sources, Stories and Selections from a Digital World where you can also read his latest post, HPV Virus Connection to Skin Cancer? Problems in Media Reports of Medical Findings.


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