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Listen up! ACA updates & Dior Vargas: Latina feminist & mental health activist

HealthCetera, Healthstyles regular health news feature produced for Michael G. Haskins’ program,  Haskins in the Morning, on WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio, aired this morning. This segment reported on news from the Washington Post article, Study: 10M have gained coverage through health law and Charles Ornstein’s  Federal Health Exchange Stays Busy After Open Enrollment Ends published 7/23rd NPR’s Shots. Listen 

It also includes a message from Dior Vargas, Latina feminist mental health activist, who launched Speak Out! Minority Mental Health Awareness Month, on her blog inviting others to share their stories about living with a mental health issue.

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Minority Health,  “Nearly two-thirds of people with a diagnosable mental illness do not seek treatment, and racial and ethnic groups in the U.S. are even less likely to get help, according to the National Alliance on Mental Illness.”

It is critical that we identify and bridge the gaps in access to culturally competent care and support for people living with mental illness. Listen to Ms. Vargas below.

Fierce for Black Women & Sero Project on Healthstyles

This Thursday, July 10,  tune into CHMP’s Healthstyles when co-host Barbara Glickstein interviews  Yanick Rice Lamb, co-founder with Sheree Crute of a new media platform launched in November for Black Women. Ms. Crute chairs CHMP’s National Advisory Committee (NAC) and Ms. Rice Lamb is a member of the NAC.  Ms. Rice Lamb talks about the wide-range of issues covered on FierceforBlackWomen including the launch of Living Well: Fierce Reports on Black Women’s Health with the series Fighting Fibroids and Winning: Raise Your Voice by Sheree Crute.  Follow them on Twitter @Fierceforbw @shereecrute @yrlamb

Tune in Thursday, July 10th to 99.5 FM or streamed live at or listen to the interview here. FierceforBlackWomen


Also on this week’s Healthstyles Glickstein interviews Robert Suttle, Assisant Director at Sero Project. “Sero is a network of people with HIV and allies fighting for freedom from stigma and injustice. Sero is particularly focused on ending inappropriate criminal prosecutions of people with HIV for non-disclosure of their HIV status, potential or perceived HIV exposure or HIV transmission.” Mr. Suttle shares his personal experience imprisoned in a Louisiana prison in January, 2011, after accepting a plea bargain and serving six months for a conviction under Louisiana’s so-called “Intentional Exposure to AIDS Virus” statute.  There is an excellent inter-active map on the Sero home page so you can see the current status of these laws in the state you live in. Follow the Sero Project on Twitter @theseroproject

You can hear that interview here R SuttleSeroProject

Screen shot 2014-07-09 at 2.12.55 PM



wbaiHealthstyles is back on daytime radio on WBAI 99.5 FM on Thursdays from 1:00 to 2:00. Barbara Glickstein hosts today’s segment. Journalist Gary SchwitzerHealthNewsReview,  evaluates the news coverage this week reporting on the study “Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography.“  published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.  HealthNewsReview posted this response  Which journalists reported an extra dimension on the 3-D mammoography story?  You can listen to the interview gschwit3DMammo

NIOT National Leadership Gathering 2014 photo credit: BGlickstein

NIOT National Leadership Gathering 2014
photo credit: BGlickstein

Not In Our Town is a movement to stop hate, address bullying, and build safe, inclusive communities for all. Not In Our Town films, new media, and organizing tools help local leaders build vibrant diverse cities and towns, where everyone can participate.” This past weekend, Not in Our Town, held their National Leadership Gathering in Billings, Montana (full disclosure, Barbara Glickstein is a member of the board of Working Group/NIOT).  Joining her in conversation to share stories and insights from this gathering  is Marty Elizabeth Ortiz a Board member of Not In Our Town: Billings and an LGBT activist. She is currently at the latter part of her Masters in Clinical and Counseling Psychology. You can listen to this interview NIOTORTIZ14

Tune in to 99.5 FM or stream it live on today from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM.

Thanks for listening.




March Madness


March. It’s now officially spring. Division One NCAA mens’ college basketball starts and we have the March 31st deadline to sign-up for health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

With so much competition, those running the media campaign to get people to sign-up for health insurance know that the traditional use of PSAs to get your message across just won’t do it anymore.

Last week, President Obama appeared on the Funny Or Die series to reach a younger audience about signing up for health insurance. Young adults ages 18 to 34 are the least likely to be insured (nearly 30 percent in 2012) and the most likely to pay premiums without costing the system much. The 13 million views on the “Between Two Ferns” video in less than 24 hours resulted in driving a 40% increase in visits to site.

Yesterday, President Obama appeared by live feed from the White House on the Ellen DeGeneres Show asking mothers to reach out to their kids and telling them to sign up for Obamacare.

The Ellen Show draws 3.5 million viewers  daily.

“Moms out there, email your kids if they don’t have health insurance and tell them to at least check it out, because they may be pleasantly surprised that it’s much more affordable than people thought.”

Yesterday, President Obama also had a taped appearance on ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd show The Herd, to reach a wider young male audience. When asked about his recent unconventional appearances he said that as president “you have to remind yourself of the wonderful people that you are supposed to be serving, who have a sense of humor, and aren’t thinking every day about position papers.”

President Obama also talked about his picks in the NCAA men’s college basketball tournament. He promised to reveal his picks for the women’s college basketball tournament next week.

March Madness. I think the President understands that if you can figure out the brackets, braketology, you can certainly go to and sign-up for health insurance.


Self-Health and Technology on Healthstyles

Self-Health and Technology – consumer-driven health with technology is the focus of this 2-hour @centerhmp HealthStyles broadcast today from 3-5 PM ET WBAI-FM NY, 99.5; also live streamed at  CHMP Senior Fellow Liz Seegert will be live-tweeting this segment using hashtag #Healthstyles

Co-host Barbara Glickstein interviews Jane Sarasohn-Kahn, health economist, advisor, co-founder at HealthcareDIY and blogger at THINK-HEALTH and HEALTH Populi and Andre Blackman leading analyst in sustainable health innovation design, founder of Pulse + Signal and co-founder of FastForward Health.  Follow Jane on Twitter @healthythinker and Andre @mindofandre @PulseAndSignal.  @FastFwdHealth

There’s an interview with co-founders of MakerNurse Anna Young and Jose Gomez-Marquez, research scientists at the Little Devices Lab @MIT.  What’s MakerNurse? “It’s when nurses have Apollo 13 moments” explained Jose Gomez-Marquez. Anna Young offered this insight “There are so many parallels to nurses working in completely different operating systems globally who are trying to solve problems with their hands inventing things to provide better care.” MakerNurse  is supported by the Robert Wood Johnson’s Pioneer Portfolio Project and The Institute for Medical Engineering and Science at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Follow them on Twitter @makernurse

Whether you’re a techno-optimist and early adaptor of wearables, a follower of slow medicine or you’ve been left out of the conversation by choice or design  you’ll get up to speed listening to this broadcast. Or at least have an exciting peek into this world. It ain’t science fiction.



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