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Nurses working with people to live full lives and choose when to die


Today on Healthstyles host Barbara Glickstein interviews two nurses working with people to live their lives fully and supporting them to choose how they die.

Stephanie Hope, RN, Founder of Hope Holistic Wellness, is a Board Certified Nurse Coach working to foster holistic health in her community through individual and group wellness coaching. She is a hospice nurse who serves patients and families from a holistic perspective at the end-of-life.

You can hear the interview with Ms. Hope here: HOPERN

The second hour is a rebroadcast of my interview with Judith Schwarz, RN, MSN, Ph.D., a nurse expert in end-of-life issues. She retired from her position as the Clinical Coordinator of Compassion & Choices of New York and is now in private practice consulting with patients and their families on end-of-life decisions. On 11.17, reporterNick Tabor interviewed Dr. Schwarz for The Daily Beast “The Nurse Coaching People  Through Death by Starvation”

Listen to the interview here

You can also tune in to hear it live on Thursday, March 26th at 1 PM to Healthstyles on WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York City (

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners taking care of our kids #NAPNAPCONF


photocredit: Springfield Track and Field

photocredit: Springfield Track and Field

Since Tuesday, I’ve been attending the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) 36th annual conference on pediatric health. NAPNAP was the first professional society for nurse practitioners and is the professional home for more than 8,000 pediatric nurse practitioners (PNPs). There are over 1500 PNPs attending this conference – including students eager to network with the most clinically advanced PNP leaders in their field.

There are acute care and primary care PNPs. I’ve sat in on conversations with PNPs who work in the most rural counties throughout America and heard what it’s like to be the sole provider of pediatric care to impoverished families living within a 300 mile radius. I met PNP hospitalists who work in neonatal intensive care units in major public hospitals in densely populated cities.


It can get lonely being a health care provider so this meeting not only provides them with access to clinical practice knowledge and updates on state-by-state Full Practice Authority legislation but connection to each other. They say it revitalizes them.

On today’s Healthstyles hear my interview with Mary Chesney, PhD, RN, CNP, FAAN, Clinical Associate Professor and Director of the Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Program at the University of Minnesota School of Nursing. Dr. Chesney is the President of NAPNAP.  The discussion includes NAPNAP’s position and the status of Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) reauthorization currently in discussion in Washington and her leadership in changing archaic laws by passing state legislation on Full Practice Authority for NPs.

You can listen to the interview with Dr. Chesney by clicking here MCHESNEY

Kristi Westphaln, PNP, MSN, is a pediatric nurse practitioner and expert in trauma with over 15 years experience in the emergency room. Westphaln is passionate and compelled to speak out on something too many people don’t want to hear – that many pediatric head injuries are preventable. Pediatric head injuries may result in long term disabilities or even death. She’s on a mission and you can hear it in her crystal clear no-nonsense approach when she tells us simple age-appropriate injury prevention strategies.

You can listen to her interview here KWestphaln

Healthstyles is produced by the Center for Health, Media and Policy at Hunter College and can be heard Thursdays at 1 PM on WBAI Pacifica Radio in NYC at 99.5 FM and streamed live at

Healthstyles: HealthCetera, FierceforBlackWomen, Bedpan Confessionals

Tune in:

photo credit: Microsoft Lumia Conversations

photo credit: Microsoft Lumia Conversations

Barbara Glickstein hosts this week’s Healthstyles on WBAI Pacifica Radion 99.5 FM streamed at at 1PM to 2PM.
She opens with HealthCetera:
Hear her interview with Colleen A. Daniels, the Director of TB/HIV Project with the Treatment Action Group, an independent AIDS research and policy think tank fighting for better treatment, a vaccine, and a cure for AIDS and its two major coinfections, TB and hepatitis C. She reports on the findings of the 2014 Report on Tuberculosis Research Funding Trends, 2005-2013.

“Collapsing pharmaceutical investment in a disease of global concern such as TB is alarming,” said Colleen Daniels, TAG’s TB/HIV project director. “Public and charitable institutions have matched and exceeded investments made by pharmaceutical companies in their own products, but it hasn’t been enough to keep industry involved. The current R&D model is broken and is failing TB patients, who have had to wait decades for better diagnostics, drugs, and vaccines to fight TB.”

In the second part of the hour she celebrates the first anniversary of‘s with co-founders Yanick Rice Lamb and Sheree Crute.
Screen shot 2014-09-04 at 5.44.33 AM
This week’s Healthstyles ends with the first of a series of readings from the live recording of “The Bedpan Confessionals: Tall Tales of Truth By Nurses, For Everyone”.
Listen to the series here:

HealthCetera’s Health News

HealthCetera’s Health News is CHMP’s weekly news update produced for WBAI’s Morning Show on 99.5 FM. Today’s segment covered how Americans voted on health care issues; Science and health writer, Sonya Collins, article on, “Immunotherapy Brings New Hope to Cancer Fight” and New York City Council and The New York Academy of Medicine’s expansion of the Council’s Age-friendly initiative by establishing Age-friendly Neighborhoods in 10 new districts.

Listen to HealthCetera 

Healthstyles Special

WBAIWe are excited to tell you about a special program we’ve put together for Healthstyles tomorrow, Thursday, October 9th, from 1:00 to 3:00 on WBAI, 99.5 FM  in NYC ( It’s part of the station’s fundraising marathon, and we hope you’ll tune in and make a donation during our time slot by calling 212-209-2950.

We lead off with a discussion about the Affordable Care Act–what’s working, what’s not, and what can help to improve health care in the state and nation. NY State Assemblyman and Chair of the Assembly Health Committee, Richard Gottfried, joins us for that discussion and talks about a bill he has sponsored to adopt a single-payer approach in the state.

Barbara then interviews political cartoonist Jen Sorensen about  health care reform. She talks about a cartoon about health care reform that we’ll be offering as a premium to listeners who make a qualifying donation to WBAI during the program.

You can listen to the interview JenSorensen

**Finally, we’ll end with Barbara’s interview with founder and CEO of Hip Hop Saves Lives, Chad Harper, about his advocacy, education and work with youth to promote an understanding of and activism around some of the important health and social issue of our day.

**(due to scheduling issues, this interview did not air live) You can listen to the interview with Chad Harper HIPHOPSAVES.

So it will be a lively and rich program with diverse voices. Tune in and support Healthstyles tomorrow from 1:00 to 3:00, on WBAI, 99.5 FM in New York City.

Diana Mason and Barbara Glickstein, Co-producers, Healthstyles


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