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Amy Berman’s Story: Informed Choices and Advanced Illness Care

Health Affairs has just published Amy Berman story about being diagnosed with incurable breast cancer and the challenges she faced–and most terminally ill patient face–in being supported by health care providers to make fully informed decisions about treatment options. Amy is using the remaining time she has to raise the visibility of the issue and help health professionals, as well as patients and families, to understand what “patient-centered care” really means. You can listen to her read her story. Spread the word so we can support Amy in ensuring that we all expect to have full information about our treatment options and to be fully supported in our decision by health care providers.

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  1. Health insurance doesn\’t over comtesic procedures unless they are life threatening, and even then, there is limited coverage on it.Forms ask for such information, because it is the medical law to ask for those rare cases and it is a standard procedure.

    May 23, 2012
  2. I think you’ll find my health book, Counterclockwise:mindful health and the power of possibibility, potentially very helpful. You can read the first chapter on my website. Good luck!! Mindfully yours, Ellen Langer

    April 16, 2012

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